Bouverat 1919 – Quality Pocket Watches & Timepiece Since 1919

Since the 1908 Bouverat have been involved in the marketing of Pocket Watches, and since 1919 they have been actively manufacturing quality pocket watches with the quality equal to that off the SWISS MADE.

The emphasis on quality can be seen throughout the range, the excellent finish on their product range, the extra layers of plating allow you to engrave special messages to your loved one or for marking a special occasion.  The feel of the movement is exceptional, feeling like a heirloom quality products & timepieces without the cost of SWISS MADE.

If you are looking for a purchase a mid-price timepiece Bouverat 1919 should be considered a wise buying decision, all the hallmarks of quality, the exceptional movements used, without the excessive cost of a SWISS MADE product.

These Pocket watches take us to the distance past and make us marvel at the works of the artisans past, steeped in history, reputation and manufacturing experience of over 100 years, creating special timepieces for special events in your or your loved ones life.

All timepieces come with 2 Year Warranty and supplied in a Gift Box.

Our History, since 1908 has been crafted by Bouverat’s team having been experienced in developing and manufacturing Wrist Watches and Pocket watches. In 1919, part of the family left Switzerland and founded Geo. Bouverat & Co. Ltd in the UK. Having established a reputation for development of the Bernex Brand and it becoming known as “The” Swiss Watch in the market, they continued to provide quality non-Swiss Pocket Watches & other timepieces to leading retailers and jewellers using the brand Bouverat 1919.

The focus of Bouverat 1919 was to provide high quality Pocket watches and other timepieces at more affordable prices than the Swiss Made Timepieces but without comprising on the Quality.